Under Construction

Hi! Kristi here.

As many of you already know, I have not been very good at up-keeping our website and social media platforms. I have been pretty busy with moving locations, starting a new job, and working on a Masters degree. So, this is why the website is a mess at this moment. I am currently attempting to make this site more navigable and working on taking pictures of our products.

Some things are in the works like reorganizing our business model. I will be bringing on a couple of our artists as partners in the next couple of months. I also intend to start working on new crafts. I have a few ideas about marketing items with our logo on them. In fact, you can find fabric with our logo on Spoonflower! I made it available for anyone to purchase.

I’m also thinking about starting to do some streaming programs. I’m doing research into which service I want to go with. If you have any questions or ideas, give us a shout.